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Note: We accept payments only through PAYPAL in JP Yen.

The mailer will be activated by clicking "order" below, then please inform us of the following items.

  • - Name
  • - Address
  • - Phone number
  • - Email address
  • - PAYPAL account
  • - ID, artist, title, format of the products you would like to purchase.

All the products will be shipped by EMS of post office only, and postage varies according to weight and shipping address. EMS delivery normally takes about 1-2weeks.

(Depending on destination)

Upon receipt of your order request, we will inform you by return mail of the total price including the postage and our handling fee (5%).

We will ship your order within 3days after the payment by PAYPAL is confirmed.

Please note that on our website, the sign of "sold out" will NOT be appeared on your requested product until the confirmation of payment is completed.

In case the mailer is not activated properly, please contact: info@recordstation.jp

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